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Retirement Annuity

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Retirement Annuity Tax Deduction Calculators
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New Retirement Annuity

Tax Deduction Calculator

Use the retirement annuity tax deduction calculator to determine which part of your retirement annuity contribution you will be able to use as a deduction against your taxable income pa.   It is important to note that if your contribution is more than the allowed tax deduction in any given year, an amount of R 1 800 can be carried over to the next tax year, up and above the normal retirement tax deduction allowed as calculated by this calculator. If you still have unclaimed tax deductions towards your retirement annuity when your retirement annuity matures, the unclaimed contributions can be used to increase your tax-free amount (currently R 500 000) when you retire.

Calculate your available retirement annuity tax deduction & tax savings:

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