Retire from Retirement Annuity

At retirement from all retirement funds, i.e. retirement annuity, pensioen, provident and preservation funds the retirement tax table (this calculator) apply. The retirement table (this calculator) apply to retirement at 55 or older, death or disability before retirement and involuntary retrenchment from a pension - or provident fund.

Calculate your tax liability for retirement benefits received:

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Retire from Retirement Annuity

tax calculator

Retirement benefit received: R
Contributions that were not tax deductable: R
Withdrawal benefit received on or after 01/03/2009: R
Previous retirement lump sum benefits received on or after 01/10/2007: R
Severance benefits received on or after 01/03/2011: R
Tax according to the retirement tax table:
Tax now payable: R
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