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Retirement Calculator

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retirement calculator

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Retirement Calculator

Use this calculator to determine the lump sum required when you retire to provide you with an income that you indicate as an monthly income that you would like to receive over your life expectancy when you retire. The inflation rate and interest rate over the term that you are going to save, will have a significant effect on the calculations which requires you to treat your retirement planning as an ongoing process. You should take note of the fact that the calculator calculates the need over your life expectancy and with ever increasing life expectancies the answers that the retirement calculator generates might not be sufficient if you live longer than the life expectancy predicted for the average man that retiring on your chosen retirement age.

Complete the form to calculate your need & required savings effort:

Retirement Calculator Retirement Calculator
Current Age:    
Planned Retirement Age:    
Current value of income needed at retirement:  
Current value of savings for retirement:  
Current monthly savings in retirement funds:  
Voluntary contributions increase % pa.:   %
Assumption of interest earned on savings:   %
Assumption of average inflation over the term:   %
The lump sum required to fund your retirement is:  
Your options to save the necessary lump sum:      
1) You can invest a lump sum of  
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