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My name is Wikus Pretorius, a CFP® qualified financial planner and key individual at DIY Bond CC t/a WP Brokers, an Authorised Financial Services Provider. RA Direct is an initiative by WP Brokers to simplify the retirement provision process and assisting you to make informed decisions about your retirement and more specifically about saving for your retirement. Advice required about whether you must save and how much you must save for your retirement is not rocket science. The variables are forever changing in our working years. Interest rates, inflation rates, legislation on tax deductions while we are saving for retirement, taxability when proceeds are paid out and even our own life expectancy is changing! Considering the aforementioned variables, you will never get an exact answer to how much you must save for your retirement. We should all save and we must save as much as possible for as long as possible. I have never met anybody that have complained about having too much money when retiring, but believe me, I experience it daily that people at retirement are struggling to make ends meet with regrets of not saving more for their retirement! RA Direct offer you the tools to calculate your retirement need, calculate your required savings effort, calculate your benefits and to calculate the tax deduction available to you for a contribution towards a retirement annuity, etc. to confirm the importance of saving. After doing your calculations and realising or confirming your suspicions that you should save more for retirement, RA Direct offers you the opportunity to request quality quote/s from leading big brand insurers in South Africa. If you are happy with the suggested product you can apply for your solution online from us at a discounted fee, increasing your allocated premium for an increased return! Please use this website and if you enjoy the experience, please tell your friends. However, if you have suggestions on how we can improve the experience for you and your friends, please also let me know. I will consider all suggestions. Should you have any questions about our offering or should you need more holistic advice, please feel free to contact me directly. Kind regards Wikus Pretorius CFP®
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